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Sound Attenuator - General

Sound Attenuator


Airtech Engineering Sound Attenuators were developed to various requirements from the consulting engineers, owners & contractors. They provide the most economical choice for solving the wide range of noise control issues encountered in the HVAC field.

Constructions:All attenuators (casings & Splitters) are constructed of galvanized sheet metal Ga. 20 minimum unless otherwise instructed. Casing are formed with lock-formed seams with duct sealant (complied with SMACNA standards). Other casing materials are available upon request.
The splitters contains acoustic infill has a glass tissue facing concealed behind galvanized perforated sheet, the splitters have radius end at the air flow direction to minimize air pressure loss and regenerated noise.
Sound Attenuators are available in Square, Rectangular & Circular, they can be fabricated as straight, reduced and elbowed duct.

Features and Benefits:

- Minimum pressure drop with Maximum insertion loss
- Large radius inlets & tapered tails to minimize system effects
- Available in any cross-sectional size eliminating the need for transitions
- Can be fabricated as a transition from a smaller duct size to a larger duct size where space is limited
- Fabricated in components to make the overall silencer bank size for easy handling and installation
- Comes standard with options for flanges or Slip and Drive connection
- Used in applications ranging from low velocity duct systems to high velocity duct systems

Other Available Materials of Construction:

- Stainless Steel
- Aluminium