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Curb Adapter

Curb Adapter for Roof Top Package Units

Fabrication of all Standard and none standard Curb adapters, Galvanized 1.5 up to 3.0 mm thickness.

A curb adapter provides an efficiently modified interface between an HVAC rooftop unit (RTU) and the rooftop ports or holes that feed the air conditioning to and from the building. The rooftop ports are built into a raised external assembly called a curb. 

Our curb adapters solve that problem. We use advanced design and engineering technology to create components that route the curb discharge and intake ports to their matching ports on the HVAC unit as precisely as humanly possible for maximum cooling efficiency. No matter what make or model of RTU you want to install on your rooftop curb, we can build a curb adapter to make it possible!

Curb also will save a lot of extra works on roof like ducts, insulation and cladding.